Quartet 4x4
filming a new project for the TV channel "Russia-Culture"
"Quartet 4x4" – a TV competition for instrumental quartets of different genres and compositions. 16 bands from different Russian cities took part in the competition, they performed classics, jazz, folk and early music.


Ippolitov-Ivanov Piano Quartet
Quartet of Russian folk instruments "Impromptu"
Quartet of ancient music "Alta Capella"
Jazz-quartet of Khazanovich
Quartet of trombones "Music Brass"
Flute Masters Flute Quartet
Female vocal quartet "Uzorika"
String Quartet "FX Quartet"
Russian Saxophone Quartet
The Balalaika Quartet of the Ural Conservatory
Quartet of accordionists "Edelweiss"
Quartet of percussionists "MarimbaMix"
"Chizhik-jazz quartet"
Art Quartet by Tim Dorofeev
StradiValenky Quartet
"Alina Filippova and TheBand"

Members of the jury:
Ekaterina Mechetina
Lyudmila Berlinskaya
Alexander F. Sklyar
Sergey Starostin
Mikhail Dzyudze

Host - Camille Larin ("Quartet I")

Stage director - Dmitry Otyakovsky

Filming took place March 20 - April 17, 2018 at the "Mosfilm" studio

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