The Captain's Daughter
blockbuster musical by E. Zagot
  • Dmitry Otyakovsky
    stage director
    My first production in the musical genre was at the Khabarovsk Musical Theater. Captain's Daughter is a blockbuster by composer Yevgeny Zagot and librettist Karen Kavalerian. It alternates chamber lyrical scenes with large-scale battles, and jazz and rock hits with heartfelt lyrical ballads.

    Costumes designed by Olga Sid underscore the difference between the two warring groups: officers and soldiers of the regular army wear authentic suits, while the forest robbers, led by Yemelyan Pugachyov, are dressed in leather suits of modern cut. Irina Sid's set design, based on huge wooden columns reaching beyond the stage mirror, transformed before the eyes of the audience in Belogorsk fortress, in the dense woods, in the casemates.

    The love story of Masha and Grinev captivated the audience, and our production was included in the list of the best Khabarovsk productions of 2022 according to Transsib info web portal.
Masha — Yulia Gorenskaya, Polina Yurchenko, Alexandra Antipinskaya
Grinyov — Nikita Turanov
Shvabrin — Andrey Kuchinsky
Pugachyov — Denis Zheltoukhov, Valentin Kravchuk
Mironova — Tatiana Maslakova
Mironov — Fyodor Odintsov
Filaret — Oleg Isakov
Likho — Dmitry Zlobin
Savelyich — Dmitry Oleinik
Khlopusha — Daniil Stepanov, Alexander Fedotov
Yuldash — Alexander Gushchin
Buga — Lyudmila Blok, Maria Ryabtseva
Zurin — Alexey Vinogradov
The Jailer — Alexander Degtyarev
Maksimych — Alexey Tolstokulakov
Colonel Rayevich — Dmitry Strazhnikov

Composer — Evgeny Zagot
Librettist — Karen Kavaleryan
Conductor — Ruslan Antipinsky
Choirmaster — Alexander Rybkov
Production designer — Irina Sid
Costume Designer — Olga Sid
Choreographer — Sofia Prilutskaya
Stage director — Dmitry Otyakovsky

The premiere took place on June 25 , 2022 at the Khabarovsk Regional Academic Music Theater
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