Educational program
of international digital opera lab
In the educational program, we talk about how and why to create digital performances, as well as share practical experiences and best practices
Presentations at scientific conferences and forums
  • Digital opera performance
    (St. Petersburg, October 2020)

  • Gnesin Contemporary Music Week
    (Moscow, Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, November 2021)

  • Culture Online
    (St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, December 2021)

  • Digital Theater
    (Moscow, Gaidar Forum, January, 2022)

  • Diaghilev: The Art of Production. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!
    (St. Petersburg, Academy of Russian Ballet, April 2022, April 2023)

  • Prospects for the Development of Opera Art in the Context of International Cooperation
    (Krasnodar, May, 2022)

  • Electroacoustic Composition: Theory, History, and Practice
    (Moscow State Conservatory, November 2022)

  • Vakhtangov Festival of Theater Managers
    (Moscow, December 2022)

  • Information technologies in musical art and education. Theory, methodology and practice
    (Novosibirsk State Conservatory, February, 2023)

  • Musical Composition: Narrative vs Architectonics
    (Moscow, Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, April 2023)

  • Inner universe: interactive environment and metacognition
    (Moscow, HSE University, May 2023)
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