Francesca da Rimini
  • Dmitry Otyakovsky
    stage director
    The performance was created in the phygital genre, it combines digital space and the physical world, on the contrast of which is built the unique setting of the production. Huge robotic arms from LYM inc. were used in the production. Originally designed to assemble cars, the mechanical arms were reprogrammed to take part in concerts and shows. It was the first use of such technology on the opera stage.

    The robotic arms acted as terminals to connect Francesca and Paolo's bodies to the cyber-prison where their consciousnesses were imprisoned. The ability of the arms to rotate 360° in all directions allowed us to program them one second at a time to move strictly according to the score, revealing the intent of the musical dramaturgy in such an unusual reading.
Francesca Malatesta — Svetlana Kasyan
Paolo Malatesta — Ivan Gyngazov
Lanciotto Malatesta — Nikolay Kazansky
Dante Alighieri — Arseny Yakovlev
Ghost of Virgil — Georgy Sinarevsky
Mimance Artists — Andrei Alshakov, Alexander Glushkov,
Ruslan Kurashov, Mikhail Laptiev
Circus performers — Anastasia Burdina, Alexey Ignatenko

Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Artistic Director — Ivan Rudin

Moscow State Academic Chamber Choir
Artistic Director — Timofey Golberg

Composer — S. Rachmaninov
Libretto — M. Tchaikovsky
Conductor — Ivan Rudin
Musical Preparation — Margarita Petrosyan
Set designer — Irina Sid
Video designer — Marina Varakhalina
Assistant Director — Grigory Yakushev
Stage Director — Dmitry Otyakovsky

The premiere took place on April 11, 2023 in the Zaryadye concert hall
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