The Soul of St. Petersburg — Mariinsky Theater
the cultural and educational program
  • Dmitry Otyakovsky
    stage director
    The cultural and educational program The Soul of St. Petersburg — Mariinsky Theater combines a tour of the New Stage backstage and a theatrical divertissement in my production. The production combined themes from Sergei Prokofiev's operas L'Amour de trois oranges, Helmut Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel, Murych cat and The Adventures of Kai and Gerda by Sergei Banevitch. Over the years, thousands of gifted schoolchildren from all over the country have participated in the program, and all of them have become spectators of our divertissement.
Princess — Margarita Ivanova, Anna Shulgina, Anastasia Donets
Prince — Dmitry Koleushko, Rustam Sagdiyev, Igor Chikishev.
Cat — Vsevolod Nelyubov, Vladimir Babokin, Rustam Sagdiyev
Witch — Evelina Agabalaeva, Ekaterina Bondarenko, Lyudmila Gradova
La cuisinière — Yuri Evchuk, Lev Elgardt

Concertmasters — Anna Kantor, Natalya Soboleva

Art director — Larisa Gergieva
Stage director — Dmitry Otyakovsky

The premiere took place on September 26, 2018, in the Stravinsky Foyer of the New Stage of the Mariinsky Theater
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