The Sleep of Reason produces Nonanthropomorphic Cyberbmantis
performative media installation
  • Dmitry Otyakovsky
    stage director
    The Sleep of Reason produces Nonanthropomorphic Cybermantis is a performative media project devoted to the state of cataplexy of awakening — complete or partial muscle paralysis occurring during falling asleep. In this condition a person is immobile, unable to speak and unable to open his eyes, but is able to control his eye movements. An episode of sleep paralysis lasts for seconds or minutes, and can be interrupted by touching the experiencer or by sounds.

    The work was created using neural network graphics generated from sound files recorded on the streets of Tula. Conceptmaker Dmitry Otyakovsky and performer Evgenia Tsvetnaya recorded soundscapes of the city, and sound engineer Artem Gudkov helped assemble them into a dramaturgically complete ambient noir score.
Performer — Evgeniya Tsvetnaya
Sound engineer — Artyom Gudkov
Curator — Yan Posadsky
Conceptmaker — Dmitry Otyakovsky

The premiere took place on October 21, 2022 in the creative cluster Octava as part of the art residence Cultural Code of the City
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